If you are reading this web page, I suppose that you've at least heard about Yoga and are maybe even interested in trying yoga. Fantastic! Yoga practice will provide you all kinds of benefits ranging from simple things like correcting posture, improving the quality of your sleep, your digestion, your skin, your body, to helping you deal with more complicated health issues. Yoga also allows deeper changes to occur within you. Thanks to yoga, you can work towards a stress-free life, improved concentration, peace of mind and an overall positive attitude towards life.

All this is possible! People have been proving it for thousands of years.

Why not give it a try? It's as simple as this...

We can debate endlessly on what is important and helpful to us in our lives. We can compare Yoga to other activities or philosophies. We can read many books to support our arguments, build theories and get into abstract conversations and generalize about how all things should be in the world and what we would do. We can waste our time over all this without ever bothering to test the theories that we are arguing about.

I have encountered this recurrent situation. I meet a person and we start a conversation. At some point, they learn that I practice and teach Yoga. Within a half an hour, we find ourselves "arguing" about what can bring peace and happiness into our lives. Does this feel right? Did the time we consumed in arguing about what could hypothetically bring about some peace and happiness serve any meaningful goal? Was it worth it spending a half an hour debating on this?

Personally, I have found what works for me. Everybody else will find his/her own method and I am not insinuating that what is right for me is right for you.

Yoga helped millions of people in many ways and has changed their lives, making them more at peace with themselves and others, happier, smiley and healthier. Some have improved on one level or another, some on many levels. So why not come and see for yourself? Commit yourself wholeheartedly for sometime and see if yoga works for you.

Give it a try!

Here is an experience I would like to share with you as it really reminded me the importance of putting things into perspective:

Some time ago, there was a woman who came to my class who had been practicing Yoga for 12 years. She came in a wheelchair, crawled up the stairs on her arms because there is no appropriate entrance for wheelchairs (and she has issues with one of her arms)... and into an asana room. She didn't ask for any special assistance and she adapted the asanas (yoga postures) to the best of her abilities.

I felt so fortunate to have met a person as advanced in Yoga as she was, and who showed such a good example of applying positive acceptance of life as it is. There is something that every one of us can learn from her.

Here it is in one sentence:

What we are given is to be used wisely and carefully, but bravely.

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